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Helth and wellness expos

Your Connection to Health…

Improve Employee Wellness

As the elite organizer for on-site health and wellness programs within the corporate industry, Health Connexxtions specializes in planning and coordinating on-site corporate health fairs and medical screenings. Due to a recent partnership, it is now possible for Health Connexxtions to offer it services to diverse populations throughout the United States.

Health Connexxtions is proud of our outreach organizations:

American Cancer Society

American Red Cross

American Diabetes Foundation

City of Hope

If you are seeking to decrease absenteeism, increase productivity and lower healthcare costs within your organization, then we can help. Health Connexxtions offers you all the essential components to create a health focused organization, by giving your employees the tools to make healthy lifestyle choices with our educational, personalized and unique Corporate Wellness Program.

Our professional staff will assess your workforce needs, interests and work schedules to design a fun, interactive and educational event that will impact employee and organizational health.

Health Connexxtions has a large network of respected professionals within the fields of Health, Wellness, Fitness, Professional Growth, Better Living and Lifestyle. Let us bring the professionals to you.

As a member of Health Connexxtions you are guaranteed:

  • The ability to customize your event based on your company's needs.
  • The largest variety of medical screening options available.
  • Pre-screened exhibitors creating the right fit for your organization.
  • A professionally trained event coordinator who will handle all of the details to make your corporate event a successful and non-stressful experience.


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Phone: (800) 953-7201
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